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Founded in 2002 in Shenzhen, Datong Precision is a manufacturing service provider that provides one-stop two-piece technical solutions to the global high-end mold, injection, stamping, machining and other manufacturing industries.
The annual output of Datong Precision Nitrogen Spring is 150,000 sets, and the annual sales is about 61 million. It mainly has a 6,000㎡ Shenzhen production base and a 13,200㎡ Jiangxi production base. The nitrogen spring R&D and technology center has a large number of 15 years. The above-mentioned experienced scientific and technological talents and management talents are dedicated to enabling every customer to experience the most reliable, one-stop global mold parts technology and services, and empowering mold intelligent manufacturing.

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Factory direct sales specifications and sizes are sufficient in stock

Can be mixed batch, can be sent on behalf of one piece, sufficient inventory of various specifications and sizes, can be processed and customized

ISO standard type
High pressure standard
Mini Nitrogen Gas Spring
Delayed gas spring
Flexible nitrogen gas spring
Hydraulic wedge
Piping system accessories
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